Personal Injury

Personal injuries are traumatic and cause both physical and emotional pain. The ability to pay for the services you need can be confusing and only add to your worries. Alliant Physical Therapy has gone to great lengths to help people get through this time.

Who qualifies for our program:
People involved in motor vehicle accidents, general property injuries, and work related injuries including those denied by workers comp. In most cases you will need to work with an attorney.

Payment options:

  • Bill the responsible parties insurance company. Work Comp, auto, general liability, etc…
  • Obtain a Medical lien from the patient and submit to the attorney representing the patient.

We work with the patient
Alliant Physical Therapy Group will work with the patient to assure accurate payment of their claims. The patient assumes some responsibility for completing insurance company requests for information as well as attorney requests. The patient must notify Alliant of any changes in attorney or insurance.

Expert Care:
When you work with the Alliant Physical Therapists you will receive outstanding care from our Physical Therapists. Alliant Physical Therapists are excellent Therapists who use their hands as well as exercise programs to relieve pain, and return injured people to their previous functioning levels.

Why Worry:
Rest at ease. Alliant will work with you to relieve your worries about how much Physical Therapy will cost. We coordinate most everything with you, your insurance company and your attorney.

In many cases you will not pay anything out of pocket!

Everything we do to support you is kept extremely confidential and Alliant Physical Therapy respects your privacy and complies with all HIPPA standards.

Alliant Physical Therapy reserves the right to deny cases for any reason that Alliant Physical Therapy sees fit.

Getting Started:
Call any Alliant Physical Therapy clinic listed in this brochure to get started. You can also call the main office for the clinic nearest you at 262-898-3930 to schedule an appointment. You will need to give us the name of your Physician, Your contact information, Attorney (If you have one).

Functional Capacity Assessments
A functional capacity assessment is a 4 hour objective and statistically based assessment of a persons ability to perform key functional activities.

Using the Key Method in conjunction with a functional job description or other known return to work demands, this assessment can assist in determnining a personas ability to return to work on a functional basis.

The Key Functional Capacity Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of functional and work relevant activities including:

  • Manual material handling capacity and weight capacities for lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling.
  • Tolerances for Sitting, standing, and walking
  • Endurance for non-weighted activities such as; bending, squatting, crawling and kneeling

The Key Functional capacity Assessment provides:

  • Objective test results
  • Statistically based assessments
  • Backed by a National database
  • Comprehensive and concise reports
  • Timely reporting

These tests are performed in our Shorewood office, and can be scheduled by calling: