Graston Technique

Graston Technique ®  is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization which allows the therapist to effectively address scar tissue follow surgery, edema, and fascial restrictions resulting in improved patient outcomes.  The therapist uses specially-designed stainless steel instruments to specifically aid in the diagnosis and treatment of areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation. The instruments are used to locate the cause of the symptom and specifically treat area of pain. Following treatment with the instruments, the therapist will follow with specific therapeutic exercises that correspond with the newly released tissue in order to maintain the corrected fascia.

By incorporating the  Graston Technique ®  into our patient’s comprehensive treatment plan we are able to d ecrease daily time of treatment and overall treatment period by allowing faster recovery times. Graston also r educes the need for anti-inflammatory and pain medication by increasing the blood flow to the effected area for natural healing to occur. And finally, Graston has been seen to help to resolve  chronic pain, when combined with therapeutic exercise, where other conservative treatments have failed.

Here is what one of our current patients with chronic pain had to say after adding  Graston Technique ® to her treatment plan.

“Thank you to the whole team at Alliant Physical Therapy for making my treatment days turn into wonderful days. I have chronic pain over my entire body and extremely severe back pain that my expert therapist has been working on for many years. With her expert work on my back with the Graston tool, I leave there with less pain for many hours, sometimes days. Thank you for knowing how to use all the different techniques to help your patients like me. I tell anyone who needs therapy that Alliant can help them with anything.”
-Penny Giese