Patient Results

  • Everyone on Alliant’s team contributed to the excellence of my experience. I never received customer service like that from another healthcare center. Their employees really care about the patients and their road to a pain free life.


  • Back pain made me miserable for years. My doctor recommended me to Alliant, and my life has been changed ever since. I am so thankful to have my body and freedom back. Thank you, Alliant team, for helping me feel relief.


  • Feeling at home at the Alliant Physical Therapy clinic was my favorite part of their service. I love how my therapist knew me and my pain well. It’s care that is beyond what you will receive anywhere else. I would only trust my loved ones with Alliant.


  • When I was injured playing sports, I never saw myself back on the field. As a young athlete, this was not an option. I worked with my doctor and we decided Alliant’s team of caring therapists would best suit my recovery. Thanks to Alliant, I am back to doing what I love!


  • My therapist was so kind and friendly. I was comfortable working with them and confident in their knowledge, and I believe this lead to my recovery. Thanks to Alliant, I can not remember the last time I felt pain.


  • Alliant helped me recover from the pain I was experiencing quickly and professionally. When I was injured, I did not know if I would ever participate in the activities I enjoy again. Thanks to Alliant, pain does not hold me back.


  • I have been to numerous physical therapy clinics in attempts to heal my pain and none were comparable to Alliant Physical Therapy Group. The entire process made me feel at home and well cared for. With a combination of an expert therapist and wonderful customer service, Alliant relieved my pain in a stress free process. I am now back to living a pain free life and I can not thank Alliant enough. I recommend Alliant to everyone looking for pain relief.