Our Practice

Welcome to Alliant Physical Therapy. We want you to feel at home, whether you visit our website or visit one of your clinics. We want your experience to be comfortable. As the Area’s finest independent providers of Physical Therapy you will find our Physical Therapists willing to do what you need to reach your goals. Whatever your goals are.

We call it “giving you back your __ING”. It may be walking, biking, working, golfing, hiking, fishing, but most importantly smiling. Whatever your “ING” is. The Physical Therapists at Alliant are here for you.

Alliant Physical Therapy clinics are professional, comfortable and personable. Our hands on approach helps create balance in the joints and muscles. Using specific exercises we help you reach both short term and long term relief. Our approach is to lead with our hands. We feel the restriction and use our skills to manually release the restrictions that lead to your pain and improve your freedom of movement. The Power of Touch – A difference you can feel!

Physical Therapy is an important part of your overall health care. The ability to live healthy is essential for the quality of life that you deserve. The art and science of movement is what we know. Alliant Physical Therapists can help you recover from injury or surgery. But we can do so much more. Our Therapists can help you develop a plan that increases your activity level to whatever it is you want to be doing. This is important if you are a high level athlete or a person who wants to get moving again. We can work with you in the clinic or in the gym. We want our patients to lead a healthy and productive life beyond what we do in the clinic.
Alliant has several locations with convenient hours to serve you better. We participate in most insurance plans and will work with you to make the insurance process easy.

Our Mission

To help people live a healthy and fulfilling life using our God given talents and skills.

Alliant Physical Therapy – Giving you back your ING

Chad Novasic PT
President, Alliant Physical Therapy Group